Thursday, 30 January 2014

Colorado Springs West teasers.

Colorado Springs West multiroad project is almost done, and there is only some small details left to work with. Before it will be officially released (3.02.2013), check video teasers below.

Best regards.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Colorado Springs West

Hi everyone.
New year will bring some new tracks by me. Right now I'm finalizing project which is the biggest stage I did so far. Project is divided to six sections: loop A, and B, hill climb A and B, and downhill A and B so finally six different stages will be released. All is dedicated to rFactor, but of course I will release it for RBR by the way. I hope you will find a lot of entertainment and joy with driving on it. It shall be published at the end of January. Photos below maybe a little bit suggesting, but I need to note that: This is NOT a Pikes Peak.

Thank you for your positive feedback and stay tuned for next release.
Best regards.