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  1. Hi Chris

    I run a hill climb league, and we're HURTING for gravel courses.

    I've always wanted to use Colorado Springs West in a series, but we use practice mode to set times, and CSprings West isn't set up with that functionality.

    Would you mind if I adjusted the timing gates to accommodate for this and distribute it to our league members next season?

    It'd be a great addition!


  2. Hi Shannon.
    Well, when I was finishing this project my purpose was to set timing gates exactly like you need it to be, but because of some incomprehensible issues I was need to choose solution you can currently see in this project. Right now I'm in the middle of another project works (and I'm pretty sure that one day you will use it for hill climb league as well) and I do not really have time to fix it, but September of this year seems to be the moment when I will probably come back to this.

    Best regards

  3. Hi Chris

    I'm still waiting your links to El Cubilete BTB project to convert it to rfactor. Please check rallyesim forum private messages and give me your thoughts about it, just let me know if you will send it to me this year or not lol. Thanks.


    1. Well I know there a confusion arose about that :D But my final decision about that is to work on version 2.0 of El Cubilete in Blender and than release it both to RBR original format and rFactor. I will start work on it just after I will finish my current project. Expect El Cubilete around autumn this year. Regards.