Work in progress

Work in progress informations.

Track name: Rainforest Dirt Run
Country: Australia
Distance: 3,3 km
Surface: Tarmac 20%; Gravel 80%
Track type: imagine/looped
Progress: 50%
Destination: rFactor
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Track name: SS15/16 Gallura
Country: Italy
Distance: about 9km
Surface: Tarmac 3%; Gravel 97%
Track type: real WRC track.
Progress: 25%
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  1. Nice but in tarmac section seen road corner to much sharp, need add more cuts in there - edges, I mean mesh...

    1. True, but this project is temporarily abandoned :) And I'm not really sure if I will ever come back to this...

  2. Hi Chris, I pity no longer go on with these projects, I will wanted to make an order and if you can upload the two stages by more that are not 100% finished, you can upload the RBR version? thanks for all you have done stages.

  3. Sorry, I meant the two stages; Rally Italia Sardegna 2012 - SS15 / 16 and Rally Guanajuato Mexico Gallura, many thanks!!