Sunday 12 January 2014

Colorado Springs West

Hi everyone.
New year will bring some new tracks by me. Right now I'm finalizing project which is the biggest stage I did so far. Project is divided to six sections: loop A, and B, hill climb A and B, and downhill A and B so finally six different stages will be released. All is dedicated to rFactor, but of course I will release it for RBR by the way. I hope you will find a lot of entertainment and joy with driving on it. It shall be published at the end of January. Photos below maybe a little bit suggesting, but I need to note that: This is NOT a Pikes Peak.

Thank you for your positive feedback and stay tuned for next release.
Best regards.


  1. Hi Chris!

    This looks very interesting! What's the stage length and gravel/tarmac mix ratio? I was just thinking it because which tyres will be used on this stage? If the ratio is close to 50/50, I would suggest optimum solution for release: stage starting with tarmac tyres and other version with gravel tyres. I know that it's possible to tweak tyres in RBR, but using RealPhysics, it's difficult.

    Can't wait to drive this, you have once again created something which looks really different from everything else we've seen before in RBR! :) Thanks!

  2. Hi. The loop version is going to be about 50/50 and hill climb version will be about 35/65, but because of asphalt section characteristic I was thought the gravel tires is the best solution for every variation of this project. Asphalt sections are mostly straight and fast and gravel sections are curly with many 90* and hp corners. I don't know exactly how it looks like when you using RealPhysics but if it's going to be a problem for that RealPhysics users, just contact me then, and I will share you exports with default tarmac tyres.

  3. Thanks!

    Shouldn't be a problem then, in my opinion it's always better (and more fun) to have gravel tyres on tarmac than tarmac tyres on gravel. Judging from the second photo, there is also good cuts to be taken. So looking really good! :)