Sunday 2 February 2014

[Released] Colorado Springs West multiroad project

Track name: Colorado Springs West
Country: USA
Distance: 14,2 km, 13,6 km, 13,9 km, 13,9 km
Surface: Gravel 65%, Tarmac 35%
Track type: Looped and 'point to point'
Progress: 100,0%
Download rFactor: mirror rFactor! <--d'load all 4 stages in one .7z file
Download RBR:
Hill Climb A
Hill Climb B

rFactor description:
Dirt Circuit A and B:

This two stages is prepared for regular races with maximum 10 cars on the road (one car per team). It is possible 
to play with higher number of opponents, but FPS performance may slow down significantly. If you try to set more than 30 opponents, game may crash while loading. Pit stop is working well, so feel free to use it during the race.

Known issues: in some departments far pieces of terrain may disappear when number of opponents is high.



Hill Climb A and B:

- Play race weekend or season
- Set race for 2 laps or stage default
- If you want to play alone, set AI number to 0, 
or just boot all opponents in monitor
- Set your grid position to 1
- Feel free to race with AI if you wish to
- Start in order to the lights
- Stage is divided into 2 laps (6 sectors)
- In replay fridge, your final time is a sum of 2 laps
- This stage is NOT dedicated to practice mode 
- Practice mode will NOT count your time 

Known issues: 
- In one department, distance bar (at the bottom of screen) will show you, that you'd get to the the end. Don't worry about that, it will refresh at next checkpoint.
- Flickering shadow, at the points of high altitude



Special thanks to: 

Ervin Greven

Richard Eburah
and all facebook Bob's Track Builder group community who helps me to complete this project.

Best regards.



  1. Looks really nice! What is the difference between Hill Climb A & B? Reverse version or?

  2. Thanks! Hill Climb A and B are partially completely different roads. It is not about reverse.