Wednesday 7 May 2014

BTB tracks goes on!

Hello everyone!
Does Colorado Springs West combined with Pikes Peak cars series gives you a decent hill climb race experience? Hmmm... there will be much more than this :)

After long brake we've got some news to share!

First of all - BTBtracks steps more into Blender application . Till now all tracks will get more detailed and we are no more depending on free models and xpacks shared by another tracks builders :)

Second - there something BIG is going on... But there much time must elapse to carve big sculptures :) Autumn seems to be a good season to let you getting very high :) 

Third - every next tarmac/asphalt project will be dedicated not only for rFactor and RBR, but for GTR2, GTR Evo and Race 07 as well.

By the way:
Have you ever wonder how cool it is, and probably even little bit more precisely then a Zaxxon method, to sculpt a big pieces of terrain only by moving the polygon's archors and fitting them into right altitude according to the topographic map? It is a pure joy :)

Best regards!


  1. nice to hear about new stuff on your projects!

  2. Bravo... Keep up the good work.
    Anxiously awaiting for your next project