Sunday 5 October 2014

El Cubilete for rFactor is ready

El Cubilete for rFactor is ready and here's a link:

It will be also available at after validation of contribution

I received some info from you, that there something wrong with the textures... Well, because of some rF bump and spec difficulties, stage was made to use with daytime of 11 am. No matter, somehow game is ignoring the .gdb file settings... 
However, if you don't like the texture with 'stage default' daytime, just simply change it to 11 am. That how I was going to officially release this stage...


  1. Fantastic looks stage, in my opinion little ti big bump map value on road, but may Im wrong. And if you add mass of 2D peoples in village zone it will finally, I know mexicans very love rally so a lot spectators will looks cool... Great job, if I find time I will try convert it to RBR, because Kon Rad now concentrate on AC...

    1. Well, I think the 'too strong bump' may be fixed by simply change the latitude, north direction or race day. The bigger problem IMO is lack of stability in bump display at texture transitions. So you could be in front of sun, you see lighted bump and the next texture is visible like it is in shadow... But I don't think if there is solution for that. Seems like rF or BTB issue... The same with string object shadows any many others...

  2. Besides, the stage was prepared for 11 AM and game is ignoring .gdb file settings.