Saturday 9 January 2016

[WIP] Alpine Hill Climb

It is time to share with you some information about current project in progress.
A point-to-point track with plenty of hi-res textures and well modeled hi-polygon trees is almost ready to go.
Average width of 8km road with many long turns and hairpins can make this track a great playground not only for rally and hc maniacs, but also for a drifters.

It is going to be a true challenge for AC graphic engine.

So far the FPS performance at Core I5 3750K, Geforce GTX 660Ti and 8 GB RAM is around 60-70 FPS in POLO's WRC cockpit view, and it's increasing a lot at other cameras. Resolution of this test was 1680 x 1050.

This is a good news, because all hi-poly trees has been already placed and there still is a chance for better FPS performance after merging trees and LOD right set.

Possible time of release first beta is end of February/March's first period. Stay tuned.

My regards.


  1. Great work ! But if possible, please remove some of the fences. They make the track boring and unnatural.

  2. Good work!!
    Please make this track for RBR!